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All Interviews Should Be Translated Into Italian and Back Again

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Blog of the Month: 90’S Woman

October 27, 2010

When I found this blog I was really happy. I had never read anything more accurate on our adoratissimi (more or less) 90. The duo Ada Kalhoun and Kara Jesella is really knowledgeable in this field and will give you great emotions, in all senses.

Hello Ada, would you do a brief introduction of yourself?
Ada Calhoun, 34, NYC. I wrote the book ‘Instinctive Parenting’ (Paperback edition, October 2010). I worked with Tim Gunn on his book ‘Gunn’s Golden Rules’ (September 2010). I also write for various newspapers and magazines.

What are your plans for the day today?
Today I work as a reporter for the New York Post and I’m waiting for something to happen exciting to write about.

When and why did you decide to launch 90’S WOMAN?
was September 2009. The term, as far as we know, was coined by Bridget Everett. Here is the link that gave us the idea for the whole: /

How old were you in the 90s?
I was born in 1976. My experience is stronger in the ’90s were high school in New York (1990-94). I became interested in small publications of several books, feminism and music. After I started traveling in India, going to college and feel depressed, so I missed a lot of pop culture. (more…)

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The New York Observer on Saint Marks

Posted in Ada, Press, Writing by Ada Calhoun on October 1, 2012

Patrick McMullan/New York Observer.

Dan Duray at The New York Observer ended his charming St. Marks book write-up in Sanskrit: सफलतायै अभिनन्दनम् = saphalatAyai abhinandanam 

Hmm, saphala means fruit-bearing; abhinandana is celebrating [abhi is the prefix, nand the verb root (1st, parasmaipada), and this is I guess some kind of nominal form, maybe 5th case, functioning as an adverb?]. I’m pretty sure it means congratulations, and I would look it all up, but it’s been kind of a long day.

You can read the whole article here.

And everyone with St. Marks Place feelings, stories and photos should obviously take this as a cue to email me: adacalhoun[at] Thanks!

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Discussing Honey Boo Boo in the LA Times and on the Today Show

Posted in Ada, Freelance, Press, Writing by Ada Calhoun on August 23, 2012

Here’s a story I wrote for the Los Angeles Times about the TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

And here I am talking about it on the Today Show.

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Instinctive Parenting on Curtis Sliwa’s Radio Show

Posted in Ada, Instinctive Parenting, Press by Ada Calhoun on July 21, 2011

Early Saturday morning, in a radio studio in the mostly empty Empire State Building, Curtis Sliwa, the original Guardian Angel, told me that I had “good street credibility.” That’s kind of like the Pope calling you a good Catholic, so I was pretty psyched. (more…)

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Talking about Male Strippers with Judah Friedlander

Posted in Ada, Press by Ada Calhoun on May 27, 2011

…on VH1’s fun morning show (where my friend Brendan works), via ’90s Woman. The clip is up here.

Fancy Encyclopedia People Interview Us About Fashion

Posted in Ada, Press by Ada Calhoun on April 11, 2011

It is surprisingly fun to chat about ripped T-shirts with Oxford University Press ladies in the NYPL library green room.

Could “Instinctive Parenting” Have Saved the Cyrus Family?

Posted in Ada, Instinctive Parenting, Press by Ada Calhoun on February 26, 2011

I think that’s what this awesome article “Why I gave up trying to be a perfect mother. . .Miley Cyrus’s dad has admitted to struggling with parenthood. But there is no right or wrong way of raising children” by Caitriona Palmer in the Irish Independent suggests.

Read the whole thing here.

WFMU’s “Too Much Information”

Posted in Ada, Freelance, Press by Ada Calhoun on February 15, 2011

Benjamen Walker had me on his WFMU show “Too Much Information” to talk about my Salon article. He’s a great interviewer. And he was a very good sport when I found an old MySpace photo he thought he’d deleted in which he’s being groped by sexy nurses.

Listen here. I’m on second, right after the British guy talking about how the internet is evil.

Super-Nice Review of Instinctive Parenting

Posted in Ada, Instinctive Parenting, Press by Ada Calhoun on February 1, 2011

AnnaCatherine of the blog Adventures in Stroller Fitness just wrote the wittiest, nicest review of Instinctive Parenting (yep, still available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle).

Ada writes about  her experience raising a child in the city and how all we need to raise a great kid are three basic essentials, shelter, food and love and to teach them to be kind and responsible human beings. And the rest, how we do that, is all up to us, you, the individual. It’s all written in short chapters perfect for my attention span and it’s very honest and frank and funny and if I had to recommend ONE parenting book of the hundreds I’ve looked at, this would be it … Reading through it, I had an Oprah ah-ha moment. That small stuff, it doesn’t matter. I need to do what works best for me and my family and my kid and not spend more than 5 minutes thinking about things like waterproof changing pads or watching Elmo or how many snacks he eats, if that’s all he’s eating right now or the fact that he doesn’t dig on wasabi or Indian food or kale or the HORROR of juice. Sometimes juice is good. In fact, I might go have some juice right now.

AnnaCatherine’s a really funny writer, so I’m extra-psyched she liked the book! Read the whole review here.

Parenting Commentary in “New York Family”

Posted in Ada, Press by Ada Calhoun on January 15, 2011

The editor of New York Family asked a few people to weigh in on this wacky Wall Street Journal article by the author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. My reaction was basically “duh” and “ew” and “eh.” Here’s the whole discussion, which includes far more sophisticated participants.

But really the whole “catfight,” as it’s being called, feels pretty contrived. I take the author’s cheery follow-up as proof that she was just trying to do to militant attachment parents what peanut butter does to the allergic.

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